Stop being so hard on yourself. Quit telling yourself you’re incapable of overcoming or persevering through whatever it is you may be battling. And, yes, we’re all battling something.

Insecurity, jealousy, guilt, envy, shame, fear, disappointment, grief. The human experience consists of each and every one of those negative feelings. Probably much more than we’d ever prefer. But, that doesn’t mean any of those negative emotions are entirely useless.

Negative emotions provide us a valuable service. They save us from ourselves. They let us know that we aren’t perfect. We aren’t indestructible. In fact, we’re far from it.

At the same time though, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t special.

We’re all unique individuals. We’re all valued. And, most of all, we all deserve happiness.

It’s a part of our existence that we can all agree on. Happiness feels good. It has the ability to provide us with eternal bliss. Or so we think… and because of that, we relentlessly seek virtue.

Unfortunately, we create an injustice for ourselves by not doing one simple thing — allowing our negative emotions to perform their job. On instinct, we fight them every single step of the way.

Ironically, when you think about it, the negative emotions that we feel are absolutely critical to ultimately feeling good. To feeling happy. Our existence relies on knowing when and how to react to certain emotions.

I hope I’m not being too abrasive, but we learn nothing about ourselves by constantly seeking happiness.

We too often view negative emotions incorrectly. They’re absolutely rational. They direct us to where we need to go. They’re integral to our survival.

But, look, I get it. We live in an uncertain world. One filled with confusion. Fear. Anxiety. Our emotions are always racing through us at a billion miles an hour.

Once we slow down and respectfully allow ourselves to fully analyze our emotions, the easier it is to live with ourselves. To live with one another.

… to feel happiness.

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