Searching For a New Perspective

Photo courtesy of Eddie Poe

Someone once told me “there’s no use in being angry or worried about the things that are out of your control.” For a good part of my life, I’ve held strong to those words and have genuinely tried my best not to dwell upon some of life’s most obvious hardships.

Now that it’s been several years since those words were communicated, my perspective has changed vastly.

Some days I find myself thinking intently about the experiences that have helped shape those changes. Other days, I’m left with contemplation as to why my current thoughts are so starkly different from just a few years ago.

For so long, I felt like I was misunderstood. Judged or looked down upon by others because of a different sense or view of life.

Something in me changed after that lapse of time. In a way, I felt like I came back down to earth. I began to simplify, to look at things from a new or unique perspective. Inherently, things started to make sense.

Today, I’m continuously seeking clarity of all kinds. I know that for as long as I live, not everything in our existence or within our boundaries of knowledge are meant to be understood. But, I feel deeply that human beings are meant to seek out new perspectives rather than settling for complacency.

You have the potential to change your perceptions on a small or vast scale any second of your life by asking the right questions or searching for the things that are unknown.

I guess what I’m reaching for, or trying to convince others, is that it’s okay to feel as if very few things are right in the world.

Take for example: the ongoing human rights crisis in Syria and throughout the Middle East, the planet continues to warm as climate change grabs hold of the environment, and the imposing threat of a world with Donald Trump as President of the U.S.

I could go on and on and the list would be never ending, but what I’m trying to hint at is simple.

You could blame it on the nonstop flow and parsing of information, but when you’re a person who pays attention — or if you feel like it’s your obligation to pay attention — it can be difficult to come to the conclusion that the world we live in is grand.

Perhaps it is grand. Like so many in the world, I wake up everyday with my health. A roof over my head. A bed to sleep in. Food to eat. Clothes to wear. And so on.

For so many in the world though, those many fortunes of life are hardly felt.

I know there are no surprises with the things that I just mentioned. You could comment about how it’s unfortunate that the injustices of humanity aren’t always heard or that the world has always been an unfair place, but what needs to be known by so many goes largely unknown.

If you think about it, only a seeker of truth has the potential to change his or her perspective of life in an instant. This is because only a seeker of truth is actually willing to undergo such a change.

Most human beings are absolutely complacent and want nothing more than to pursue, in a nonthreatening and nondramatic way, their ideas for happiness — which rarely result in happiness.

For the most part, seekers of truth believe that if they sincerely and honestly pursue real truths, they will be led to it. They understand that with all of the many resources that can help aid them in their search for truth, they can form a better understanding of human reality.

They will begin to find out who they are and why they exist.

Most importantly, the more they seek out the answers that are highly sought after, they begin to establish the ability to discern real truth from error and misunderstanding.

Now I know I just threw a lot at you at once, but my message for whomever may be reading this is this…

Learn to take concern for the things that not only impact you, but impact others. Do everything in your power to become more self aware, to open up to others with a true sense of selflessness.

Open yourself completely so that you’re unable to discriminate between this and that.

If as human beings we become more open, not watching ourselves at all, but being completely open and communicating with situations as they are, then any actions thereafter are absolutely pure.

Now more than ever, we owe it to each other to strive for each of these things. We’ve strayed so far away from displaying the altruistic values that we so desperately need.

The lesson I wish I would’ve learned a long time ago is to look out for others even if your ability to do so is out of your control.

I hope I can help even one person with these words.

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