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Ramirez Awaits Arraignment

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A 28-year-old Scottsdale man failed to appear in court just weeks after being booked on several criminal counts, including kidnapping and sexual assault, leading to further unanswered questions.

At Rodolfo Ramirez’s arraignment hearing this week, his attorney excused his absence on news that he required “medical attention.” Ramirez was set to appear in court on Wednesday to continue the proceedings of a case that has kept him in a Maricopa County jail since Sept. 21.

In mid-September, a female victim contacted the Scottsdale Police Department in reference to a sexual assault that occurred earlier that day — according to a police report.

The 20-year-old victim reported that after excessive drinking at a bar with a friend, her next memory was feeling heavy breath on top of her and a man’s beard on her face.

The victim awoke partly clothed the following morning and in an unfamiliar house. As an unknown male came into the room, the victim stated to police that she was “so in shock with what happened and didn’t know what to do.” She claimed that at this point she had no memory of ever seeing the man prior to waking up in his residence.

The police report indicates that the victim waited to contact police until after the man drove her to an intersection across the street from her friend’s dorm in Tempe.

The victim’s friend reported to police that she last saw the victim just off of 7235 E. Shoeman Lane. A bearded man hugged her and she went to get her vehicle and come back to pick up the victim. The friend told police that when she returned, the victim was no longer in the area.

According to video obtained by police, the victim is seen at about 3 a.m. on the sidewalk with her friend just north of the Galleria. Shortly after, the video shows a man standing a few feet away from the victim — according to a written statement by the prosecutor. It’s at this point that the victim’s friend went to retrieve her vehicle.

The man engages the victim next to a white vehicle at 7235 E. Shoeman Lane and appears on video to be carrying the victim with her arms slightly limp. He proceeds to carry the victim into the Galleria garage.

According to the state prosecutor, another camera shortly after shows the man at an apartment complex. He placed the victim on a bench for about six minutes and then picks her back up over his shoulder in a “fireman carry” type hold.

With the victim visibly unconscious and her legs dangling limply, video then shows the man taking her to a corner of the complex garage behind a vehicle where they are no longer seen on camera.

The police report details that police inspected the corner where the victim was taken by the subject and found a pink flower shaped earring on the ground that was later confirmed to belong to the victim.

Staff at the apartment complex informed SPD that they located a cell phone near the bench where the victim was seen on camera. The phone was recovered by SPD and it was confirmed that it belonged to the victim.

Through various investigative means, Ramirez was identified as being the suspect in the videos. According to the police report, the victim was contacted again by police and identified Ramirez as the subject in a photo lineup. The victim’s friend also identified Ramirez.

Police were able to confirm Ramirez’s current address with the victim’s description as well as his white full size truck which was captured on video.

Upon his arrest, Ramirez initially denied that he’d ever seen or knew the victim, according to police. He later retracted, stating that he did meet the victim while out in Scottsdale. Police said that Ramirez told them the victim’s friend went to get her car but didn’t return after 10 minutes. He then called an Uber and brought the victim back to his residence.

After telling police that he did not have sex with the victim, the police report indicates that Ramirez retracted again. He stated that after carrying her inside his house, “she came around a little” and they did have consensual sex.

He confessed to sexually assaulting the victim on the garage floor and that while in the garage, the victim could not have consented to having sex. According to the police report, Ramirez also told police that he had sex with the victim at his residence multiple times.

A warrant was conducted on Ramirez’s residence and police uncovered the clothing that he was seen wearing in the video. Along with the victim’s clothing, additional physical evidence was located and are pending testing.

When questioned about the specifics of Ramirez’s medical attention and whether he’ll be present for his next court appearance, his attorney refused to comment.

Due to the serious nature of the charges and his “danger to society,” the state has requested that Ramirez be held without bail. The arraignment hearing has been rescheduled for Oct. 14 at 8:30 a.m.

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