Treasures of Life

Photo courtesy of Eddie Poe

Clouds are unfailingly scarce. The temperature tomorrow will reach a high of 100. Yup, it’s nearly the end of October.

I stumbled upon a fact the other night mentioning how Phoenix receives more sunlight per year than any other city in the world. Now while I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or not — I didn’t take the time to conduct a deep research… shame on me — I would bet a convincing amount of anything that it’s absolutely correct.

I knew before moving out here that Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter, seldom received rain. I certainly wasn’t wrong. The skies are so beautifully clear on a daily basis that the jet liners departing Sky Harbor International Airport remain in the distance for hundreds of miles.

If you’re ever in need of sunshine, the Valley of the Sun is your spot. I particularly love waking up and never having to question what the weather will be for the day. A nice daily dose of Vitamin D and tanned skin.

Back home it reached into the low 30’s earlier this week.

The thought of a brisk morning instantly made me miss home. Up until that point, I had been too consumed with Cronkite and working tirelessly to figure out my life to really give those emotions any real thought.

Having only been home for about a week’s time since mid-May, I rarely feel all that far from home. My family, my girlfriend, or any other close friends that help to keep me grounded are never more than a phone call or text away. FaceTime and Facebook keep me connected in ways that I could’ve never previously imagined. The ones who make home what “home” truly is never cease to keep me on my feet while I’m 2,000 miles away.

Luckily for me though, I get to see all of their wonderful faces in less than a month.

I can already see myself wanting to take an eternity’s long nap in a pile of leaves once I’m back home. Granted they aren’t covered in snow. Comfortable dreams of shooting video packages, writing print stories, and Thanksgiving happiness.

Here’s to missing all of those back home and elsewhere, and needing the wonders of Fall.

See you soon.

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