The Wheels Are Officially Off

York, PA – Any glimmering hope at making the postseason that Orioles fans may have had about a week ago, is completely gone. Obliterated. Sent to Belize maybe. Who knows?

After beginning their 10-game home stand with a four game sweep of the Oakland Athletics, the Orioles then split two with the red hot New York Mets. Encouraging right? Yeah I sure as hell thought so…

To finish off the home stand, in to Baltimore for four games arrived the Minnesota Twins. The worst team in the American League on the road, Minnesota Twins. The Twins who swept the O’s in Minnesota back in early July. I think you can forsee where this is heading.

Yup… Minnesota won all four games in Baltimore to complete the four game sweep, AND the season sweep of seven games. The series began with a 15-2 shellacking that even Gary Thorne and Mike Bordick had no words for. Then to top things off, the Orioles blew two late leads over the next three days to simply hand the four game sweep to Minnesota. Talk about embarrassing.

The bottom line — Baltimore wasn’t able to score more than three runs in each of the four games against Minnesota. I don’t care what level of baseball you’re playing… that simply won’t get it done. Doesn’t matter if you have four number one ace’s going for you, that’s just downright pathetic.

I’ve tried my best over the past month or so to keep the light on with this team. To give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m sorry Orioles, time is up. Let’s look at the reality here.

The O’s now sit seven games back of the Yankees and Blue Jays for first place in the AL East. That’s long gone. We all hoped the Yankees would fall off but they just haven’t. Not even in the slightest bit. Regardless if they win out in the division or not, they’re pretty much guaranteed one of the two wild card slots, barring a monumental collapse. Not gonna happen. The Blue Jays are essentially in the same boat. They’re looking scary good… my AL pick to advance to the World Series. Then there’s the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have been on an absolute tear and are in the driver’s seat for that second wild card slot. Both the Angels and Twins are 1.5 games back of the second wild card slot and the Orioles… 2.5 games back.

Yes, just 2.5 games back but I’ve already thrown in the towel. It was the four game sweep by the Twins that did it for me. This team just simply doesn’t belong or even deserve to be in the postseason. Maybe 2016…?

…that’s a post for another day. Perhaps when the bad taste in my mouth has finally dissipated.

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